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Baby Baptism in Ekali

Panagiotis travelled with his family all the way from London for his christening. It was early spring and quite frankly the best season to have a lovely baby baptism event. In addition, let us say one thing about Panagiotis; he loves the “Wheels On The Bus” song. So, when we came to organize his baby baptism we just grabbed the idea. Therefore, we combined the red London bus with the wild animals from the famous song and created a tropical, yet child approved concept!


The church where the christening took place was Saint Marina in Ekali. Our color palette was red and shades of green. Since our theme was kind of tropical, we chose to use tropical leaves. Therefore, we used them in the invitations, the favors, and even the desserts!

In “White Stories” we love to make beautiful candy bars. Therefore, this baby baptism was no exception. Themed cookies, cake pops, candies, Greek traditional desserts are only some of the sweets we offered to the guests.

Additionally, we loved the watercolor details of leaves on our macarons. They were so delicate and unique. Also, we offered some savory treats, as well. We chose canapés and finger food with seafood and unique flavor combinations! Everyone loved them!


When it comes to a baby baptism, the favors are one of the most important things. The gifts for the little ones were a big surprise, as always! Our team created themed backpacks with marshmallows and puzzles. This kept our little friends entertained all day long! Furthermore, for the adults, we chose minimal Plexiglas boxes with candies. Needless to say, they were very chic!
Panagiotis, his family, and their guests enjoyed this spring event. However, our team enjoyed it the most! We wish all the best for the lovely boy and his wonderful family!