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Minnie Mouse party

April babies are the best ones! Not only were they born in Spring but additionally the sunshine gives them a lovely flair! Melitini is a kid just like that, full of energy, with a vibrant temperament and a mind sharp as a knife. Do you know who else shares the same traits? Minnie Mouse, the lovely Walt Disney character and the sweetheart of the ever-famous Mickey Mouse! This was ultimately our inspiration, as well as the reason why we chose to throw a Minnie Mouse party for Melitini: full of bows, polka dots, and ruffles! No character was a better fit for her than the queen of elegance herself, Minnie Mouse!


Minnie’s colours are pink, fuchsia and white! We threw some black and gold in there and we created the best colour palette! Classically elegant and feminine, these colours were perfect for a little girl’s Minnie Mouse party! Of course, we designed a glorious candy bar with all the sugar-rush worthy desserts for Melitini’s little friends and their parents! We decorated our dessert table with a balloon installation full of polka dots! The chocolate cupcakes with the tiny bows and the Minnie Mouse shaped sugar cookies were amazing! We also chose white chocolate dipped cake pops that are always a win with little children! The doughnuts with strawberry glaze and chocolate filling were the best choice! Everyone was lining up again and again to our dessert table! Is there anything more assuring that the party is a hit?


It goes without saying that a children’s party, especially a Minnie Mouse party, always needs plenty of fun things to do and entertainment to keep the little ones busy!

We chose two impersonators dressed like Mickey and Minnie Mouse (classic, right?)! They were what made our party extra fun for everyone! There was singing, laughing and dancing to Disney tunes all afternoon long! Apart from team games and chasing each other around, all the children were thrilled with the face painting and the balloon creations! Our place was swarmed with little mice, cats, fairies, parrots, pirates and all things cute and funny! Furthermore, our lovely impersonators created unique balloon concepts for everyone, and the children loved playing with balloon swords, wearing balloon crowns or walking balloon dogs on the grass! It was lovely!


Party favours are lovely and memorable so the guests can remember the beautiful time they had! For Melitini’s birthday party we decided to give away little personalised puzzles for each guest! We wanted something sweet and meaningful, and something that will benefit the children. Puzzle riddles are a lovely way of exercising these brains and sharpening their little minds! After the end of her Minnie Mouse party, the children were all tired but completely content having their minds fully occupied with lovely memories and the games they played under the sun.

The fifth birthday is always the sweetest. It’s amazing how much children evolve during their first five years! A yard full of five-year-olds was such a lovely sight: children laughing and playing without worry, being completely free. Melitini was truly as Minnie as it gets, celebrating her special day being surrounded by her lovely family and friends! We wish her all the luck in the world!