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Party for Kids

When it comes to the kid`s birthday party, it’s really difficult to describe our feelings. We see the smiles on their faces and listen to children`s excited sweet voices. Above all, it just makes us feel wonderful and extremely happy!

So, this is exactly what happened with this party that took place in the amazing venue of Svoura Playhouse during springtime. Birthday parties are now a feature of many cultures. Concerning, birthday parties children and even adults sometimes wear colorful cone-shaped party hats. While the mother brings the birthday cake to the table, the kids sing “Happy Birthday to You”.


First of all, we decorated the beautiful garden with multicolored flowers, bunnies and hand made paper carrots! We chose tulips and garden roses for the flower arrangements and decorated the playhouse with pom-poms, garlands, paper lanterns and honeycombs in many different colors and floral patterns. We wanted everything to look visually stunning for bunny’s themed party!

The watercolored stationery with flowers and the birthday bunny, impressed the guests starting from the invitation! On the other hand, we used many details to decorate the venue, but the most impressive spot was the candy bar where delicious candies and sweets were calling for the birthday girl and her friends!

The cake was a bunny with chocolate ears and a flower headpiece… It was really beautiful and delicious! In addition, we kept the kids entertained with many DIY bunny projects and an egg hunt in the garden! The little girl was welcoming her friends with birthday party hats for the boys and handmade bunny ears for the girls. A party gift was the last surprise we had prepared for the kids, which was offered to them when they were leaving the playhouse!

As a result, some bunny had a dreamy 3rd birthday party we will never forget…we hope Melina won’t forget it too!