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Private Dinner Planning

We love celebrations and the idea of people who needs our help for their private dinner planning. Dinner parties are a lovely way to catch up with old friends, make new ones and strengthen your relationship with your friends and coworkers! Whether you like sitting around a table and enjoying good wine and a hearty meal or whether you like socializing while drinking cocktails and nibbling on finger food, we can help you have the perfect dinner affair!
We know that throwing a party can be fun, but it can also be time-consuming, stressful and overwhelming. You want to please everyone, but unfortunately, you forget to enjoy it yourself! There’s no need to stress or waste time, our team of personal dinner party planners can help! Moreover, we have created a trusted team with the finest caterers, mixologists, and entertainers that make our dinner parties unforgettable! You will make a lasting impression on your guests and you will be the ultimate host!


Whether it’s your birthday, a romantic date night, a special anniversary or an ordinary day you’d like to make extraordinary with a dinner celebration, the White Stories team can plan for you the ultimate private dinner party. Our couples can decide how they’d like to spend their evenings and together we’ll design a beautiful and filling dinner party. You can have a cosmopolitan sushi bar, a posh French six-course meal, a cult Greek buffet with all your favorite flavors or Italian cuisine inspired affair, it is up to you! We will help you design a night to remember according to your taste buds and style! After all, we love good wine, excellent food and getting together with friends, so why wouldn’t our clients want the same?



Together we’ll design and plan your night, according to the type of dinner party you’d like to have. Above all, we will take into consideration your food preferences. Furthermore, we will take care of the table setting, the flower decorations, as well as the location of the event. Our team will curate every important detail! Also, we will present to you the finest pâtissiers, caterers and the best vendors to make everything perfect for your special event.


We will provide a talented and experienced coordinator for your dinner party. The coordinator will help you with every little matter that may come up and will take care of everything. We want our clients to be stress-free, ready to enjoy their luscious meal and wine.


No client, party or event is the same. We treat each individual client differently. Our team always offers the highest level of private dinner planning services. We want the best results according to our client’s taste, style, and needs. Contact us and we can discuss your celebration in detail!