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Andrei & Supriya

We are always extremely honored every time clients entrust with us the planning and organization of their precious moments, but when these are spread across multiple different dates and events that feeling intensifies beyond words!
In Supriya and Andrei's case, the task was to create the perfect English and Indian Wedding Days that they have always been dreaming of, one special day for each of their cultures and homes, set in Greece to honor the groom's Greek heritage.


To host their traditional Hindu ceremony, Supriya and Andrei wanted an imposing space, with stone elements that would be the perfect canvas for the Hindu colors and traditions. A remarkable stone castle was selected, just on the outskirts of the city of Athens, with a magnificent exterior as well, since its main function is to serve as a winery.


Having a great base to start from, the next step was the selection of the Hindu elements -colors, florals, clothing- to mentally transport the space from Athens, Greece all the way to India. Known for their vibrant colors, this Hindu ceremony could not be any different. Both hot and blush pink were the colors that formed the main color palette, paired with golden details across the venue. The silk clothing of the couple and their close families followed the same theme, as well as the elements picked specifically for the ceremony: a staggering Mandap with pink drapes and flowers, golden luxury chairs, as well as pink chairs for the guests to match the color palette.


The rest of the decorations were carefully selected in order to not disturb the beauty of the Hindu colors and traditions, but rather intensify them.

An Indian-themed dessert table, displaying Indian treats and desserts and following in the same color scheme was put together and was one of the first things that the guests laid their eyes on upon their arrival. In addition to that, a floor sticker that matched that color palette and carried the couple’s initials was put on the dancefloor, in order to make it stand out in a unique and personal way.


We strongly believe that the dinner decorations are one of the most important elements of every wedding. So, for this special one, we advised the couple to opt for high centerpieces with hanging crystals and lots of candles for the tables, for a dazzling and particularly visible result, along with golden plates and cutlery to frame the whole picture of the dinner tables. One wedding favor item was added for each guest, a peacock pen, as a symbol of the elegance and beauty that the couple radiated.

In order to preserve the Hindu spirit and tradition, the couple didn’t have a choice but to be adamant about the food that was to be served at their Indian Wedding. After the family’s dearest information and feedback, and a lot of research, a truly traditional Indian menu was served; one that the venue’s chef confided in us that matched no other that he had prepared in the past.


After the largest part of the afternoon, the plan had come to pass, it was time to party. We Greeks certainly know how to have fun, but we are no match for an Indian Wedding party after all. The couple wanted to keep this also as purely traditional as possible, so a team of Indian drummers, the so-called Dhol players, were hired to transport everyone once more back home, to India. The party that followed was like no other; one that we will always remember and cherish in our hearts.