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Beach wedding in Greece

Imagine a wonderful greek beach; lots of golden sand, crystal clear waters, warm sunlight! Then add all the summer colors, pour lots of love and dip your feet in the sand. After that, bring hundreds of little fairy lights into the mixture and two beautiful families. Now you have it; the perfect, most humane, most unique beach wedding in Greece ever!

That was Charlotte and Jason’s wedding day, a day filled with emotion and wonderful colors. It was a celebration of life and being unique, two people in love embarking on the most beautiful journey. We loved the laid back feeling of everything and how carefree our couple was. In addition, this beach wedding was not a celebration of all things material. It was a celebration of love and togetherness in a beautiful greek coast!


We traveled to Stoupa, a beautiful place in Peloponnese, to create Charlotte and Jason’s dream beach wedding in Greece. Moreover, Peloponnese is one of the most picture-perfect locations in Greece for weddings. The environment is peaceful and beautiful and the landscape is very visually dynamic. We wanted a beautiful sandy beach, the one you dream about when thinking of summer. The colors of this place were breathtaking! The blue of the greek sea, the golden sand glimmering in the sunlight, and the brightness of the sun created a majestic backdrop for our couple’s best day ever!

We set up our summer extravaganza on the sandy beach of Kalogria and witnessed the most heartwarming and beautiful beach wedding in our carrier. Moreover, Charlotte and Jason’s love story is a journey through towns, cities, countries, through ups and downs and countless moments that led up to this amazing, movie-like wedding day. Sometimes a couple is so in love, their love pours all around them and hugs everyone. A couple like this was our sweethearts; Charlotte and Jason.


We wanted a beach wedding full of color, with vibrant flower decorations and boho vibes everywhere. Therefore, we chose the more carefree flowers, the laid back ones, those with the summer character. Our color palette for this beach wedding was yellow, orange, hot pink, and all the sunset colors! We focused on the vibrant shades and the details full of life!

The flower arrangements in the big baskets across the wedding aisle and the beach wedding arch were a bohemian dream, totally appropriate for a beach wedding in Greece! We love the overflowing flower trend and all the florals followed the rule of “the more, the merrier”! Charlotte’s bridal bouquet was perfect, full of bloomed peonies, summer flowers, greenery, and lots of wildflowers! They were shimmering in the sunlight like our beautiful bride! In addition, their warm coral shades were so positive and carefree!


If are following our company for long you will know that we love the details! Moreover, what’s the perfect way of adding details to an event? Unique and beautiful stationery! Our beach wedding stationery was blooming with flowers! Also, the personalized guest book and vow booklets were so cute! They were handmade and decorated by the hand. In addition, we had little packets with tissue for the crying guests, the emotional ones and those who loved Charlotte and Jason enough to cry from happiness on their beach wedding day!

We wanted to give Charlotte and Jason’s beach wedding in some Greek elements. Therefore, we brought in their ceremony the wedding crowns. Wedding crowns are the symbol of an unbreakable union of love and respect between the two people that are getting married in the orthodox faith! Moreover, the couple lit up candles to symbolize their unending love and said their vows, while the sun was setting. The whole affair was dipped in golden light and a warm breeze from the sea! Needless to say, our handmade packets of tissues for the happy tears were needed!


After the beach wedding ceremony, the guests enjoyed our homemade lemonade! After all, the sun was scorching hot and lemonade was the perfect remedy! Moreover, we designed one of our well-known dessert table settings! We used lots of delicate treats like macarons, Choux au Craquelin and bespoke cookies decorated especially for Charlotte and Jason’s beach wedding!

For our lovely quests, we designed a lounge area by the sea. After all, no beach wedding is complete without one. We wanted all the boho vibes, all the summery bits. Therefore, we used boho pillows and bohemian carpets. This setting was perfect for the cocktail hour and frolicking by the water!


Can you name our favorite part of a wedding day? The party, undoubtedly! This beach wedding party was a good one! The guests enjoyed Greek food at its finest and danced to greek and cheerful tunes all night long. Moreover, the glorious ice cream cake for Charlotte and Jason was the perfect ending to the perfect day! A beach wedding in Greece needs ice-cream, friends and lots of music!
For us, watching these two get married was so emotional and heartwarming. We got to share with them one of the most important moments in their life, we were part of their families, danced with them, cried with them and prayed these two have a long and happy life with each other. We wish them a colorful journey, like their wedding day, full of light, love, and respect. At the end of the night, we dusted off the sand from our sandals and felt content that these two were made to be!