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Emma & Grant

When Emma and Grant first approached us for the planning of their wedding, they had one thing figured out for certain; they wanted everything to be like out of a dream, resembling a fairytale - a boho yet elegant summer fairytale. We are always honored when couples entrust us with the planning and design of such a special day, but we can only add inspiration to the list when the theme and style are such one-of-a-kinds!


The first step towards making this into reality was the choice to have the wedding at a unique castle-like mansion, located on top of a hill overlooking the Athenian Riviera. That magical setting was only enhanced with the addition of furniture made out of natural wood, to match the colors of the mansion and its classical style.

The next step in the design was the selection of colors that would complement the beauty and uniqueness of the space. Emma and Grant's elegance was easily emphasized by the use of sage green, white, and blush colors throughout the entire property in various forms (florals, printed stationary, etc.). Lastly, to put the final touch to the overall magical atmosphere and to also bring out the desired boho feel, the florals mainly consisted of pampas grass, garden roses, and lots of simple greenery.


Bride and Groom exchanged their vows in a symbolic ceremony, overlooking the hills of the Athenian countryside, with a round arch as a backdrop to match the mansion's round balcony and fountain. To maximize the romantic experience, a talented violist was assigned the task to transform the ceremony into a memory that everyone present at the scene could never forget.


Once the touching ceremony was completed and every moment was immortalized by our trusted photographer, the mansion's large double door opened wide to welcome the guests to the premises. After walking through its ground floor and experiencing first-hand its amazing design and details, the guests reach the back yard where they are met with the breathtaking view of the Athenian landscape, a work of art where the hills meet the sea.

Cocktails are already waiting to be served at the pool area, framed with our luminous chandeliers, and accompanied once again by the romantic notes of the violin. Right next to them, in the stunning stoned building, we positioned a carefully designed luscious dessert table. The couple’s note on this from the start was that it had to match its surroundings while elevating them and making the whole arrangement absolutely unforgettable!


After a couple of cocktails, a lot of laughs, and a little bit of gossip, of course, the time came for the wedding reception to begin. We helped the guests to their assigned seats, where they would find their name cards, a stunning stationary work to match the rest of the posters and signs that were spread across the place. Each card was put on top of a green charger plate, next to gold-plated cutlery and beige linen napkins, analogous to the color scheme that was selected for the day. Right next to the stunning art de la table and dinnerware, each guest could find a mini glass bottle, filled with Greek traditional olive oil, to honor the heritage of the place that hosted their special day, and a small sculptured glass box; the couple’s way of saying thank you to those who traveled from so far away to witness their love and happiness. The tables were strategically positioned in a U shape, in order for everyone to be seated together and talk. Emma and Grant’s vision for this was clear from the beginning of our work together; all their guests were their selected family and their desire was that the seating plan reflected that closeness without a doubt.


Such a night could not have any other ending than a thrilling party, to commemorate the start of their new life together. The couple chose a roaming live band for that particular reason, whose members never stayed in one place but rather were dancing and singing next to the couple and their guests. The dancefloor became one gigantic hug for everyone present. The end result? One of the most electrifying and fun parties we ever had the pleasure of organizing!