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Loubaba & John

As wedding planners in Greece, we feel great accomplishment and satisfaction every time we plan and implement a wedding for each and every one of our couples. However, when the time comes to meet an entirely new culture and mix two into one, our creative sensors become ecstatic with the opportunity to educate ourselves and bring something truly unique to life. In this case, Syrian and English cultures needed to be combined in order for Loubaba and John to have their dream wedding in Athens, Greece, at one of the most beautiful venues, Pyrgos Petreza.

Wedding composition

Having dreamed of an Arabic wedding like no other, our stunning bride wanted to incorporate as many elements from her culture as possible, so that she would feel the venue was a "home away from home". With hand-copied wedding favors from Syria, magnificent chandeliers across the entirety of the balcony, and the Damascus Jasmine added as a unique detail in all the floral arrangements, as wedding planners in Greece we managed to accomplish this. Moreover, in order to add a bit more of an Arabic flair, we opted to add Arabic rugs, poufs, and pillows all over, along with lanterns whose design was Arab based. Lastly, numerous candles were positioned across the entire space to create a romantic atmosphere deserving of the couple's love and admiration towards each other.

Wedding details

The wedding's stationery followed the same theme, as well as its dessert table and pastries. With the use of the venue's sketch in combination with Arabic elements and characters, the former passed through the couple's wishes and created the perfect logo that encaptured their very essence. As for the latter, a stunning, three-layered cake, resembling a piece of art, was put beside one of the most beautiful dessert tables we ever had the honor of creating. In order to bring out the desired luxury feel, we also positioned numerous chandeliers all around it.

Wedding theme

And then, it all came down to color: Selecting the correct color palette is one of the most important things, in any event, never mind a half-Arabic one. After careful consideration, we advised the couple that a sage green and blush pink combination would be the best way to bring out the best of both their cultures. Following the same tone, but a tiny bit different at the same time, the flowers were picked to be a bit more warm-colored, using mainly blush, peach, and maroon touches, with a bit of greenery to balance it all. After adding a bit of gold -because we would never dare to forget to put a few golden touches to an Arabic wedding! - it all came together to create a wedding made of dreams!


Ceremony in a castle

Even though the trademark sunny Greek weather did not make an appearance on the day, we, the couple, and finally their guests were not at all discouraged. The ceremony was held in the event space of a castle, resembling a fairytale, even more fitting into the couple’s vision. A ceremony arch was put together solely by hand, tailored specifically for the then soon-to-be-married couple, with its two sides coming together in the middle to create an Arabic top that would serve as the ceremony backdrop Loubaba was envisioning.
With all their closest friends and family there to support them, Loubaba and John later confessed that they would never have imagined it happening in a dreamier way.


After having perfectly set the scene in the decorations and setup aspect of the event, we couldn’t have left out the entertainment. Syrians are notoriously famous for knowing how to have fun, so a half-Syrian half-English wedding couldn’t be an exception. The couple hand-picked their Arabic band and a Zafe dancers’ team to accompany it for the festivities and the party began! An invaluable and interesting lesson in Syrian culture both for us and the vendors, but for the English members of the guestlist as well. All backgrounds came together to celebrate the union of two kind and lovable people in one of the most fun and vibrant parties we ever had the privilege of being witnesses of.

Marriage in life, Marriage in culture

All weddings carry some special form of magic. From the first moment of the planning process, until the end of the event, each and everyone is remarkable and memorable in its own way and always stays with us. However, when referring to couples like Loubaba and John, this somehow rings especially true. Two profoundly gentle and warm souls that fell in love in a harrowing quarantine, and, when the time came, brought together all their beloved ones from London and Wallasey to Damascus and Beirut, to a whole new part of the world, in order to bring back to life the times of celebration and joy.