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Sandra & Bradie

From the very beginning of working with Sandra and Bradie in order to create their dream wedding, it became evidently clear that their vision was one of a kind, destined for a wedding like no other. Luxury and elegance were the key words that we kept going back to throughout the whole planning process. The end result? A grandiose yet graceful masterpiece of a wedding, a work that we are truly honored to have been chosen to create; something that we certainly do not get the opportunity to do every day.


We presented many options to Sandra and Bradie when researching for a venue, both in Athens and in other Greek regions, mainland, and islands. As soon as they set their eyes on this beautiful mansion, located on the top of an Athenian hill, the research was instantly completed. And the things the mansion had to offer did not end there, since it was also accompanied by an amazingly breathtaking view of the hills marrying into the so well-known Athenian Riviera.

The couple fell in love with the mansion then and there, and they decided to transform it into the symbol of their wedding, in order to showcase that. A gorgeous sketch of the premises, drawn by our very talented and long-time-collaborator graphic designer, was created for the sole purpose of using it as a symbol to seal the image of this magical place in their and their guests' memories forever. Along with the logo carved from the initials that our graphic designer also created, gold foil details, and wax seal, every piece of stationery was a piece of art, just like they had envisioned it.

To dress up such a magnificent venue, one needs unique and impressive details as well. After selecting white and light blue as the main color scheme, the rest did not have a choice but to follow. White and light blue flowers, with a lot of greenery to compliment them, were used for the majority of the arrangements. They were also the main components of the most gigantic and grandiose ceremony arch we ever had the pleasure of designing. And to add even more to that, smaller arrangements in the same theme and style were carefully positioned on the edges of the aisle, as if flowers had grown out on both sides, similarly to how their love for each other would continue to grow throughout their lives!

After lots of long discussions with the couple, we decided to use the front of the mansion for their ceremony, so that the building itself could be used as a backdrop and honor it even more. Its gorgeous backyard would be used for all the other portions of the evening: the welcome cocktails, the reception, and of course, the party. In order to house all that, its setup had to be like something out of a dream. The venue had already offered the first and most important step towards that goal: the breathtaking view and amazing scenery; we only had to dress it up to fit Sandra and Bradie's vision. Magnificent and superimposing chandeliers were hanging all across the dinner and dance floor area, accompanied by a few more big floral arrangements, to match the ones the guests had already seen minutes before, at the other side of the building. And at the center of it all: an impressive synthesis of dessert tables, to act as an anchor throughout the whole night, with sweets that were all designed based on the day's theme and the couple's logo and selected colors!


The guests arrived on time to find the most romantic wedding setting created for them and their beloved friends at the mansion. Two most talented harp and cello players were the selected background music setting up the scene, as the guests were directed to a welcome refreshment on that hot summer afternoon.

Upon the completion of the ceremony on that idyllic spot, the guests were then re-directed to the next surprise of the evening. Walking slowly through the mansion and witnessing the beauty of its design and decorations firsthand, we opened the doors for them to the backyard. Following a somewhat different route from the ceremony, a violin and a saxophone player were now setting up a relaxing mood, perfectly designed for the cocktails that the bar was serving, next to the pool.

Once the newlywed couple made their red carpet entrance and was welcomed by their friends and family, it was time for the reception dinner to start. We showed the guests to their assigned seats, marked with yet another stunning stationary work, where they could find a bespoken name card and a light blue box as a wedding favor to showcase the couple’s love and appreciation for them traveling all this way. Inside that blue box, a mixture of both Greek and British items were put, to symbolize the combination of their home country and the country that they selected to host their special day. Namely: a mini Ouzo bottle, the Greek drink that Sandra and Bradie loved ever since their first trip to Greece, and candy along with one of the well-known British scratch cards. All surroundings of that light blue box were carefully selected to elevate the theme and color scheme of the wedding: Super elegant art de la table, high floral arrangements, and candles to set up the romantic atmosphere, as the sun began to set.


Once the dinner was officially finished and everyone raised their glass to the happy newlyweds and the beginning of their life together, it was time to party! A red carpet-level mirror booth invited the guests to commemorate every little detail of that perfect night since it was one of the strongest wishes of the couple that they had leftover memories of the night from everyone’s point of view.
Sandra and Bradie were also very clear from the start about their love for the Greek culture and their desire to share that with their guests, to infect them with it as well as they themselves put it! They were extremely excited about the idea of hiring a few Greek dancers to start off their party, so that’s exactly what we did. It was one of the most touching yet fun parts of the night to watch all guests get acquainted with a dance so distant from what they had gotten used to their whole lives, and attempt to learn it on top of that. As one can imagine, with such fun and crazy people, the party that followed was one for the books, one that we certainly did not want to end!