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Supriya & Andrei

We are always extremely honored every time clients entrust with us the planning and organization of their precious moments, but when these are spread across multiple different dates and events that feeling intensifies beyond words!
In Supriya and Andrei's case, the task was to create the perfect English and Indian Wedding Days that they have always been dreaming of, one special day for each of their cultures and homes, set in Greece to honor the groom's Greek heritage.


The couple selected Vouliagmeni Lake as the venue for their English Wedding, a truly amazing space that combines the elements of water, rock, and nature to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Water turns into rock to serve as a backdrop on the one side and transforms into all kinds of greenery on the other in a way that one may forget for a few minutes that it is located in Greece's biggest and most crowded city. At night, that backdrop of rocks becomes even more astonishing, as the lighting used to illuminate it can be considered a work of art.


The guests arrived in the early afternoon to be treated with refreshments in an attempt to ease the Greek summer heat. We made sure that the specific area laid out for the ceremony stood out from the rest of the space, using a towering round arch and ghost chairs opposite of it. That way, we managed to maintain the focus on the scenery, the arch, and of course the happy couple. Another important aspect of the layout as the guests were entering the space was of course the staggering dessert table befitting no other. On top of that, beautiful silver details and hand painted desserts were displayed, macarons, with the couple's initials, all to fit into the blue porcelain theme.
After a few moments and drinks, here came the beautiful bride. Supriya wanted to make her entrance as elegant and beautiful as possible and there was no better way to achieve that than by arriving in a one-of-a-kind vintage car. The couple also used this for their portraits later in the afternoon, in the suggestion of their photographer, in order to add a wonderful period flair.


The inspiration for the composition of the wedding was drawn from the mixture of porcelain, a traditional English material, with the traditional Greek colors. Taking from that, we created a white and blue porcelain theme and by adding blue porcelain vases and white and blue flowers, we were able to provide the elegance that they so desired.

The couple’s aim was to be romantic and bold, while incorporating a few Greek elements, in order to honor their host country. The whole venue was filled with numerous candles in order to add that romantic vibe. Aiming for the statement they so desired, a large sticker showcasing their initials was added to the dancefloor. We also suggested adding high centerpieces at the tables, that would be astounding and visible even from further away, as well as laser lighting at the party. The main idea was to add memorable elements all throughout the duration of the event, in order to make their effect even greater. Lastly, for those Greek components, the couple was certain from the start that they wished for a Greek menu, since they wanted their guests to get a taste of the famous Greek Mediterranean cuisine. Additionally, they asked for a team of Greek dancers to have a performance once the dinner portion of the afternoon was over, to also show them how the Greeks like to have fun.


One of the main requests that the couple was adamant about was that the day had to be printed upon the memories of their guests. What better way to achieve this, than having them capture their happy moments themselves? To that aim, a photobooth was placed and the guests could not only immortalize those moments but print them and have them with them for the rest of their years. Along with that, a very special wedding favor item was given to them, a handmade soap for every guests in a metallic vintage box. Each one was made especially for them in order to signify the couple’s love and gratitude for their long journey only to be witnesses to their love.