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Engagement or Elopement Planning

We love big and beautiful weddings. However, there is something truly magical when it comes to an elopement! Two people leaving everyone and everything behind is just so romantic! A bride and groom that only they want to be together and spend time somewhere beautiful. Additionally, an elopement gives the freedom of getting married under the stars, in a canopy made of roses or in the middle of a forest. Surely, not every couple will decide to elope. However, the ones who do are fearless and brave, creating a wedding just for them or a handful of close friends and family.
For the couples that want to celebrate their wedding day with an elopement, “White Stories” can design a fairytale-like day that they will remember for the rest of their lives! No matter if you are romantic or contemporary, bohemian or elegant, we will create something unique for you. However far your vision goes, our team can help you have the wedding of your dreams! A wedding for ten people is as beautiful as a wedding for three hundred! Our team handles every ceremony with the same respect to people and all types of love!



We offer a personalised consulting experience, according to your personal taste and preferences. Additionally, our team will help you determine the style of your elopement. Together we will analyze in detail how you’d like your elopement to be. Likewise, we will customize everything; the colors, the flowers, your wedding cake. We will present to you the best photographers + videographers, as well as great venues for your event. Also, our team will suggest reliable professionals who will execute the service of your wedding day impeccably.


We will help you customise and plan your elopement budget. Our team will help you estimate the expenditures and organize the best event, totally in sync with your financial plan!


Even though an elopement has fewer people involved in the wedding ceremony, there are still many things to plan. This is where we will help! In addition, we will select and present to you a collection of wedding venues for your special day. We work with the most refined venues in Greece to create beautiful and sweet stories for you. You will have a variety of estates, hotels, and villas to choose from. Furthermore, we will present to you the best photographers + videographers to match your aesthetics. Also, we will choose the best wedding professionals, such as talented florists, makeup artists, pâtissiers and catering services.


The legal paperwork is the ultimate chore of every wedding but we will make everything better! We will help you with the identification of the legal requirements. Our planners will advise you regarding the paperwork you need to fill before you arrive in Greece. Additionally, we will address all the questions or misconceptions you may have. Also, we will assist you with your accommodation in Greece. Our team will help you with the selection and the booking of the best hotels in Greece, no matter where you choose your wedding to take place.


We like our couples calm and relaxed on their wedding day. Even if an elopement is expected to be a lot less stressful for everyone involved, they’ll still be a lot of things for you to do that day. A wedding coordinator will help you with everything and will make your special day even more carefree and relaxed.


Taking into consideration the unique character of an elopement, we offer tailor-made services according to your needs. If you have questions go ahead and send us an email, we’ll be happy to answer them! No couple is the same, so there is no one-size-fits-all wedding formula. We’ll create for you something as unique as your love story!