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Extraordinary Baptism gifts

Aria's baptism was a very special event for us. Both because we christened our little girl but also because it happened during a difficult and unprecedented summer with the pandemic of Covid-19 overturning our plans. The Margi Farm was for us the first choice to celebrate the baptism of Aria, choosing to offer premium Baptism gifts to our guests. A farm of 20 acres with vineyards and olive trees, where it produces organic materials such as vegetables, fruits, olive oil, eggs, and much more. It is a friendly place for all the guests, children and adults. In addition, our little guests were taken on a tour to the vegetable garden, gathered their own vegetables and eggs, and fed the farm animals. Imagine their enthusiasm!

The Concept

For Aria’s special day we wanted something truly elegant and unusual with many beautiful details and extravagant and premium Baptism gifts. Therefore, we chose the blue porcelain style with shades of pink color to create a romantic and at the same time sweet and girly result. Moreover, for our flower arrangements, we focused on pink hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, astilbe, garden roses…"flowers everywhere” was our moto. All in shades of pink!

The baby Christening was held in a picturesque little church, surrounded by countless trees and a small river between them. We decorated the christening area with a beautiful flower garland and some flower arrangements…always in pink color. We also had flower crowns for our girls. Additionally, we decided to create a lemonade stand outside the church in order to welcome and refresh our guests. Our homemade lemonade, couldn't be missing, but in pink color this time and watermelon-flavored water. Moreover, we served rose-flavored loukoumi delights and melekouni, traditional baby christening treats in Greece! Our guests loved the blue and pink fans and the sprays with natural spring water!

Arriving at the farm, the guests met the welcome table, where they could taste some wine, traditional tsipouro, sparkling water with ginger and lime. Additionally, we offered Mediterranean finger foods made with love and fresh vegetables from the farm. Also, there were personalized farmer’s hats for the kids and small baskets to collect vegetables during their tour at the farm.

The Blue Porcelain Décor

Blue porcelain vases and pots were the main decorative items we used to give the elegant touch we wanted. The luscious pink flowers gave the girly touch! We added some vases with lemons to create a color contrast and match the decoration with the farm.

The Baptism Gifts

One of our favorite stands was the one with the baptism gifts for the guests! We decorated it with a great balloon garland with hanging flowers and a banner with a personalized baby’s monogram. Our gift boxes for the adults had an elegant crystal candle and an air freshener. We also had pashminas for the ladies to keep them warm during this lovely evening. Of course, we couldn’t miss out on the personalized gift boxes for our little guests!


The string lights between the trees and the hanging bubbles with candles and flowers which were hanging from the olive trees made the atmosphere even more fantastic. The candles played a central part in the dreamy and romantic set up. They were plentiful, and everywhere! The outcome was absolutely stunning!

Additionally, our team created a lounge area with poufs, pillows, sofas, and carpets under the trees which the guests really enjoyed during the welcome hour and later when the party started. Hanging flowers were all around the place making the setting even more sweet and romantic.

Of course, we couldn’t miss out on our favorite Bully Bar from this special event! Adding a mini van-bar, truly upgrades an event, combining elegance with a vintage touch. The guests fell in love with their amazing cocktails and drinks. The flower garland along the bar was the perfect installment result! Finally, the lemons completed the decoration giving a rustic touch as we were at a farm.

Kids’ Area

The kids’ area next to the farm was the key at this celebration! The dinner table in a coffee table style with carpets and pillows was a friendly way for the kids to open their Baptism gifts, eat and enjoy their dinner. They had plenty of space to play with the animateurs and they couldn’t hide their excitement about the farm’s animals.

Dessert table

The dessert table was a piece of art! The guests just couldn’t hide their enthusiasm. It’s always our pleasure to decorate our candy bars! We are obsessed with the details and the candy bars allow us to express that. Therefore, we went all out and created the most lavish dessert table with blue porcelain items and pink details. We chose some impressive hand-painted macarons and cake pops, customized butter cookies, some delicious lemon financiers, and of course the two-tier cake in blue porcelain style. They were delicious!

Art de la table

The table set up was stunning! There was one long table for all the guests with many flower arrangements with pink flowers in blue porcelain pots and porcelain white candlesticks that shone along with the table. The art de la table had a sweet and romantic touch with pink ceramic charger plates and dinner plates along with the beautiful white silver cutlery. On top of plates, there were placed blue porcelain Baptism gifts for its guest with the traditional Greek treat “koufeta”. For the bb plates, we decided to add one lemon for each guest.

The fairy lights above the dinner table turned the place into a fairytale, creating a sky full of stars! We wish that Aria’s life will always be as shiny as her christening day and her dreams will always be pink!