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Christian Baptism

The Christian Baptism is a very important moment in a child’s passage through life. After the birthday, the Christening is the next significant experience a baby will have. Moreover, the baptism day is an opportunity for the extended family and the friends to come together in a festive celebration! As an event planning company, Christenings are very common baptism events in our portfolio. However, each and every one of our baptisms is unique and equally as emotional. We love the dynamics of families, how they come together to celebrate life’s milestones.

Reggina’s Destination Christian Baptism in Skopelos Island is one of the highlight events of our year! Such events inspire us to create very detailed and wonderful baptisms. Moreover, the concept was unprecedented in our company and the ideas kept flowing!


Regina in Latin means Queen. So, we decided to throw a Baptism completely inspired by the Kings and Queens of the past. A baptism event like this was all about the dramatic gothic lettering and royal bits and bobs. Furthermore, we wanted a very chic mood with a harmonious color combination.

To highlight the royal character of our Christian Baptism event we based our color palette around pink, royal purple, and gold. Especially regarding the purple color, we wanted the particular shade that was used in the Byzantine empire. Tyrian purple was the color of royalty in the past and it was highly valued. Therefore, purple-dyed textiles became status symbols in Roman times in the Renaissance. Also, there is a saying in the history of royals throughout the centuries about babies that are “born in the purple”. This symbolized the royalty and the high social status of the child’s parents. Purple was, thus, seen as an imperial color. We loved all this history behind this shade of color and we wanted to use it in our concept.


Starting early, the invitation to this Christian Baptism was a rolled papyrus on a pillow, like the royal announcements in the past. Therefore, our guests were speechless! The royal cushion and the rolled invitation was a win! An invitation like this is rare to find and no one had ever been so formally invited to anywhere! We truly adore our stationery.
Really, when the event inspires people they create beautiful things! We fell in love with every detail of this baptism event. The handmade baptistery candles and the personalized book for wishes were so beautiful! Also, Reggina’s little princess dress and white slippers were fit for a queen! Everything was impeccable!

However, no event is ever a roaring success without good florals. Our floral arrangements were moody and bold. We used Amaranthus in rich Byzantium purple hues, delicate roses, hypericum berries, and vibrant Protea flowers.

We were very pleased with how our centerpieces and our decorations turned out. Their rich colors and texture added to our luxurious vibe!


After the Christening, we set up a lovely lemonade stand for our guests! We always use our secret lemonade recipe and cucumber flavored water. Moreover, this is always the key to keeping the guests happy. Since summers are always hot in Greece, some rehydration and a sweet treat are always the keys to happiness!

The dinner reception took place in Agnanti. The location of the venue is breathtaking! The view of the Aegean Sea from there is magnificent. Moreover, in Agnanti our team created the most lavish candy bar! We wanted to surprise our guests with all the tastiest desserts. Therefore, we chose flavorful marshmallows, delicate French macarons, and cupcakes which were the perfect pair for the champagne. Of course, champagne was the drink of the evening! Its bubbles were summery and luxurious! The fitted perfectly with the royal character of our concept.


Skopelos is famous for its almond delights. There are lots of artisan little shops on the island that make fresh almond treats every day! We really wanted to incorporate these local elements in our Christian baptism. Therefore, we used the traditional almond delights for our dessert table! They are the perfect treat for Christenings! Also, they bring good fortune to the baby and the family! However, what took our breath away was the crown detailing on the butter cookies and the cake pops. They were a work of art!

To enhance the royal feeling of our event we designed a lavish table setting. Our team chose shades of pink and purple with golden accents for the art de la table. Moreover, for each one of the guests, there was a personalized gift box. These beautiful custom-made boxes contained a cotton white cloth for washing, a bar of soap and a fragrant body mist. Its lovely scent would remind the guests of Regina’s special day.


What made this event sparkle was the after-party! There were live music performances and singing that brought the guests together! Moreover, the family and the friends were dancing merrily and singing along to famous tunes! Plus, lots of music and singing are always the essentials for an unforgettable party! Also, we decided to go old school and brought an instant camera and fun props. This way each guest could take home photos from this beautiful Christian baptism!

Looking back, we loved every detail of this summer Christian Baptism! The people, the smiles, the party! After all, this is what we do; create beautiful memories for lovely people to cherish and keep forever!