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Greek Orthodox Baptism

What can we say about Marina’s & Nikoleta’s Greek Orthodox baptism at the most prestigious hotel in the Athenian Riviera? It was a lovely event with many little details! These little twins were so happy and their families as well!


When creating the concept for this Greek Orthodox baptism we got really inspired by the most famous nursery. “Twinkle twinkle little star” was our reference for all the creative ideas that followed. We opted for a shabby chic theme! Moreover, we used lots of stars, gold, and pink details!


For our Greek Orthodox baptism, we chose many different and multi-colored flowers in a romantic and fresh style! Therefore, all our florals were in romantic pastel shades! Also, numerous candles, tea-lights, and stars were used to decorate the venue. Our dessert table was very beautiful! We used lots of lace and pompons to decorate. Additionally, we opted for colorful candies and chocolate crispies. The little ones attending and their families loved them! Furthermore, the fairy lights and the candles warmed the atmosphere.

All the guests wrote beautiful wishes to our handmade wish box with the white pompons!


The little girls’ godparents selected the most romantic and innocent white dresses! Furthermore, the christening candles, handmade of course, featured a pink eye decoration and lots of white ribbons. Moreover, the rose gold crosses were the best choice for these lovely little ladies. The favors for this Greek Orthodox baptism were very cute. Plexiglas boxes with tulle and golden koufeta were our favors of choice! In addition, for the children guests, we offered stripy blue and pink polka dot favors with little colorful crispies! Everything was so cute!


It was a lovely party in the Athenian Riviera for this Greek Orthodox baptism. The children were playing in the play area, they ran, they laughed. Likewise, the parents and the other guest socialized by the pool, drinking cocktails. We really enjoyed planning this luxurious event and we wish all the best for Marina and Nikoleta!