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Elopement in Greece

Love can take you to places you’ve never thought. Love being eternal, love being abiding, love being why we are here. Hence, this enormous force tying two people together is capable of everything! Hence, when you are in love with the towns, the cities and even the continents mean nothing. Love is what can turn a map into zero digits. Sometimes you travel the whole world just to lose yourself in the eyes of the one you love. In other words, this is an editorial shoot for all those lovers who moved continents to be with each other. We got inspired by the ones who loved through screens, through computers, through virtual reality, and in the end they made it. In summary, this is essentially a modern love story expressed through an elopement in Greece.


We capture this editorial in Vouliagmeni Lake, where the waters are known for their healing powers. This editorial is all about vibrant but delicate summer flowers and dreaming in the beautiful light of the Athenian Riviera. We started with a breathtaking proposal picnic by the water and ended in a glorious wedding ceremony overlooking the rocks. All in all, this shoot has something for everyone, particularly for those interested in a destination elopement in Greece!


Coral peonies, speckled roses, delicate grass and purple wildflowers by Redboxdays were the stars of our floral décor. Rich colored florals are always a lovely way of incorporating color into your wedding without getting it over the top. We choose flowers in season and their delicate smell filled the atmosphere all day long. We loved the coral touches, inspired by Pantone’s color of 2019.


Our stationery by Party and Co. was an ode to bloomed gardens and a colorful love that makes you happy. Semitransparent paper in a floral watercolored background had the perfect balance between being bold and romantic. It is simple yet has a hint of maximalist. Perfect for an elopement in Greece.


All in all, the wedding dress by Katia Delatola reminds us of summer sunsets in Greece. Additionally, in a delicate A-line with luxurious embroidery and lace, it hugs Priscilla’s body in the most delicate way. The handmade belt with the pearls and the flower shoes by Kalogirou gave a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall look perfect for every summer wedding.

Above all what needs an editorial of its own is the engagement ring by Lousta-Thysiadi. In the most luscious deep blue shade, this sapphire and diamond ring was getting all the “I dos”! After all, far from the conventional choice of diamond engagement rings and with a character of its own, the deep blue stone reflected the sun beautifully at Lake Vouliagmeni! Above all, we love experimenting with different stones for engagement rings. In conclusion, diamonds are a girl’s best friends but sapphires are the girl “bosses” of precious stones!


Kevin wore a debonair grey suit by Sagiakos, perfect for a summer wedding with its laid back luxury. The matching shoes and overall styling are an inspiration for all the soon to be grooms that want something different from blue and black. After all the unconventional styling perfectly matches an unconventional elopement in Greece.


Our art de la table featured gold-rimmed plates and purple crystal glasses. In addition, the gold cutlery sparkled under the sun. What stole our hearts however, were the name cards with the porcelain blooms that smelled like cotton and spring. The rich colored flower arrangements and the tall candle holders denoted elegance and sophistication. Therefore, these decorations easily formed one of the most unique tables settings of the year.


Our wedding cake by Pavlov’s lab was crisp white with gold trimming. To add a pop of color, the coral peonies gave some understated tropical vibes and laid back luxury to this vanilla and raspberry filled wedding cake!


To celebrate love, the Bully Bar created the best and most delicious bespoke cocktails we’ve had in months! They used rum, raspberries and summer fruits to create cocktails that matched our couple’s flair and intricate love story! We will always be huge advocates of open bars and custom-made cocktails! Therefore, not only are they different and unique but they also give a new taste to every wedding. Whether you like rum or tequila, strawberries or mint, a bar on wheels will be the ultimate attraction to your wedding day. Frankly, what more do you need?


In conclusion, our shoot ended with a wonderful sunset, typical for the Athenian Riviera! Take a dip into George Liopeta’s imagery and Yanni Hood’s perfect videography of young love overcoming all obstacles in their elopement in Greece!