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elopement in Paros

An elopement in Paros is a truly unique and intricate event…

This is because it offers the union of two loved ones, in a private-secluded setting far away from prying eyes…

Just the two of you…forever together…


Couples can think of an elopement as a sub-section of a destination wedding.
As such, Greece is one of the most beautiful and popular destination wedding and elopement locations worldwide. This is because the ever-blue, crystal water sea combines effortlessly with the blue Greek skies; interrupted only by the land terrain in between.

The Cycladic architecture prevalent of the Greek islands contains whitewashed buildings with a touch of blue, and ancient white & stone paths. As such, the whitewashed buildings perfectly complement the natural terrains found here. All in all, rocky seashores blasted by the sea waves and hilly terrains are just a few of the area’s nature has to offer here.


This led us to visualize the perfect setting for couples to elope in the Greek island, design and shoot this inspiration elopement set up. But this was not just another elopement in Paros inspiration photo shoot. We had a real couple to support it, who made this elopement shoot instead of a pre-wedding photoshoot. So, true love was our strong point and the passion in the couple’s eyes made this photoshoot unique.


What we wanted to dominate in the setting was a classic blue & pink colour palette. We had several flowers, mostly delphiniums, and tulips complementing the greenery. All in all, we used tall flower arrangements instead of an arch, in order to prevent the eye from looking anywhere else than the breathtaking sea view. An elopement in Paros is usually an intimate private ceremony…

Just the two of them.

The rest of their lives ahead.


And then, what comes next? A romantic dinner set up, perfectly designed in detail. Beautiful art de la table preparations with silver-plated cutlery, classic crystal drinkware, and modern ceramic plates…a mixed and match combination of the island mood with a touch of luxury that every wedding dinner should have. The dream elopement in Paros!


All in all, our favorite part of this inspiration shoot was the masterful flower centerpiece with a vast arrangement of beautiful large and small flowers and some smaller vases with bouquets next to it, all surrounded by romantic candles which completed the decoration of the wedding table. We fell in love with the elopement in Paros decorations for this inspiration shoot. In summary, we wanted to plan every single detail of it to truly reflect the romantic and private nature of this kind of ceremony. In more detail, plates in classic blue, blush pink napkins, silver and crystal items, all combined on a unique antique table and two plexiglass clear chairs…the perfect dinner set up!

The sunset was there, and the real love was all over the place…what else someone could ask for?

An amazing elopement the photographer so eloquently captured through professional camera’s lenses.

Once more the sun has set, and once more we were left with only amazing memories of the entire ordeal. This is because the love and passion we pour into each wedding and elopement motivate us for even greater success in the future.
As such, we wanted the couple to truly soak in the romantic scenery for this elopement in Paros.
The waves hitting the rocky shore…Candles illuminating the area more and more as the sun sets…The smell of salt, flowers and candle wax filling the atmosphere…
And in the end the couple… just the two of them….together with their love and passion for each other…