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Wedding in Athens Greece

Summer weddings have a more relaxed atmosphere that surrounds them. Perhaps this is because of the soft summer breeze. Or perhaps this is because of the illuminating summer sunlight. The sun symbolizes life and the birth of something new. Hence, it makes perfect sense to marry during the summer and specifically in Greece. This is because Greece, as a country, is notable as a summer destination with its bright shining sun. This enables Greece to offer stunning locations for couples to marry. There are several areas within Greece, that offer access to stunning beaches and seaside views. The Athenian Riviera is one of these stunning areas, perfect for a wedding in Athens Greece. The Athenian Riviera is an exquisite coastal area, that extends for many miles. It can be thought of its own little ecosystem, made up of luxurious venues and resorts, wonderful beaches and awe-inspiring sightseeing areas.


Whenever we meet a couple such as Karin & Ioannis, we ask them to share their wedding vision, because we want to know everything about them. This was because we truly wanted to help them create a wedding representative of who they are.
The couple lives in London. This beautiful couple decides to tie the knot, and placed their trust in the White Stories team to help them organize a wonderful wedding. We love to work on elegant, romantic weddings, particularly when we are inspired by the passion we witness between the couple!
Their beautiful wedding ceremony took place in one of the Athenian Riviera’s finest venues, “Island Art & Taste (the Private House)”. A wedding in Athens, Greece that occurs in “Island Art & Taste” is truly a unique wedding, made of unique decorations, and of course a unique couple!


Romance as a theme, took centre stage for this wedding. As such, to supplement such an intimate theme, we chose to decorate the entire reception with “a sea of candles”. We put candles on tables, on the floor, on arches, and even on the ceiling using glass bubbles to keep them elevated! Candles here, candles there, candles everywhere! The senses were stimulated visually, through the great sea view. Additionally, the harmonious melodies from the violin and cello, complement the view beautifully for this wedding in Athens Greece.

Additionally, symbolism plays a major part in intricate weddings such as this one. Specifically, the elements of nature were prevalent both through major and minor details. It becomes easier to understand the symbolism when you look for patterns through the couple’s personal life. For example, the bride is from Sweden, living with her husband in England, and decides to marry in Greece. We can attach the element of Ice with Sweden (snow), the element of water with England (rain), and the element of fire and earth with Greece (hot summers, different types of landscapes).


One of our most consistent traits is our attention to detail. We love to plan weddings right down to the most intricate details! Of course, since this is a wedding in Athens, Greece, we could not downplay the importance of olives. Olives are a traditional aspect of Greek culture and are easily identifiable marks of a Greek “touch”. Therefore, we decided to use olive leaves and branches to decorate the reception area as wedding tradition in Greece. Olives were the third colour we chose to use; the other two being white and pink. One of the most characteristic areas of decoration where the tables, which we were able to decorate with garlands with olive brunches and flowers alongside the table.


We believe that summer weddings are wonderful because one can create many different concepts centered around them. A wedding in Athens Greece and especially the Athenian Riviera is no exception. It is quite a challenge to harmoniously bring together the Athenian town vibes with the seaside atmosphere. However, no challenge is too great when you are passionate about what you do! The wedding was a marvelous celebration, that highlighted the unique characteristics so prominently shown by the couple. We wish the couple a lovely life, filled with love and happiness and all the success they can get in their future endeavours!