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Mykonos wedding

Summer weddings have a carefree vibe by nature. When we decided to have an island chic wedding inspiration shoot, we knew that Mykonos was the perfect destination. Mykonos is located in the Cyclades block of islands in Greece and is famous for its beauty and luxury lifestyle. The island is a masterpiece. There are little white houses everywhere, little streets and breathtaking scenery. In addition, beautiful images of Mykonos weddings are all over Instagram and lots of couples dream of Mykonos for their wedding day. The picturesque landscapes of the island, the pure white of the Cycladic architecture give Mykonos its character. Moreover, the amazing beaches with the blue sea and the rocks surrounding them inspired us to design a chic Mykonos wedding styled shoot!


Historians believe that Ionians established the island of Mykonos in the 11th century. Mykonos was a member of the Delian Alliance, as it had a very close relationship with its neighbor Delos. This alliance marked the beginning of a prosperous time for Mykonos; an alliance which would tragically end with the fall of Delos.
The Roman Empire would soon find its way to Mykonos, followed by the Byzantines and Venetians. In fact, the island was occupied by a number of different groups and nationalities, from pirate forces to Russians.

Mykonos would only return to Greek hands at the very start of the Greek revolution in 1821. Despite the ongoing war efforts that drained monetary and natural resources, the island managed to prosper. Its strategic location would make it an important trade hub and foreshadow the future riches the island would be known for.


We wanted a chic mood for this shoot but without missing the Greek style feel! After all, these Greek pops of style are what made Mykonos famous. Firstly, we based our color palette on white, blush pink and burgundy. Secondly, we chose some traditional Greek style elements; white chairs and tables and traditional Greek welcome gifts. These contradicted lovely with a luxury art de la table setting. We went for platinum detailed plates, vintage silver cutlery, crystal glasses and many silver decorative bowls for the flower arrangements.


We opted for white as the main color for the flowers. It matched perfectly with greenery and some distinctive flowers in blush pink. The result was really fresh and elegant! Furthermore, the unconventional grass in our bouquet gave it an understated yet chic vibe. We gave emphasis to the details. Beginning from the stationery, we mixed calligraphy and minimal writing, using mainly blush pink and burgundy. The bridal dress and the groom’s outfit in neutral colors with attention to simplicity and elegance gave another refined touch. The dress was elegant with blush tones and beautiful beading. We chose silver Jimmy Choo wedding shoes to complement this dress and the result was very chic! The groom’s suit was grey, very appropriate for a summer wedding, with a black bow tie.


The architecture one can witness in Mykonos is typical of the Cycladic architecture prevalent in the Cyclades. What immediately distinguishes such architecture from others, is the characteristic of white-washed buildings and the presence of blue rooftops.
These are the buildings found in Chora, undoubtedly one of the most characteristic and iconic areas in all of Mykonos. Visitors and travelers who view photographs of Mykonos before visiting have surely seen Chora.


Chora is the capital of Mykonos. The iconic white buildings and stoned pathways create an intricate maze throughout the capital. Pavements and sidewalks contain thorny colorful bushes and trees, the houses have colorful windows and balconies. White small churches can be found scattered throughout Chora as well.
All in all, it’s an amazing area to stroll through. One cannot simply come to Mykonos and avoid taking photos here, as they will surely miss the feel of the scenery once they leave the island! It is an amazing area to enjoy a nice cold drink before the big day, take nice long walks and of course witness the amazing sunset in Little Venice.


For an island chic wedding you need a breathtaking beach. Luckily, Greece is swarming with beaches like that. The amazing sandy beach of Super Paradise in Mykonos was our choice for the wedding ceremony setting. We set up an arch with driftwood and a selection of white flowers and greenery, in order to harmoniously blend into the natural landscape and the colors of the island. The sand, the sea, and the sky created a wonderful background for our shoot made by a talented photographer. Likewise, the delicately decorated chairs on the beach and the wedding arch were the perfect summer wedding inspiration.


The reception of our styled shoot took place in the stylish LYO Boutique Hotel, located at the upper side of the beach of Mykonos Super Paradise. This hotel combines Myconian tradition mixed with modern touches of contemporary design. Details like that create a sophisticated rustic look that exhales Cycladic island spirit. It was exactly what we needed for a reception with many different elements and a contradictive setup.


In Greece, the wedding tradition revolves around the concept of sharing. This is why the wedding treats are plenty and different all around the country. We designed a welcome stand with traditional gifts for weddings. Especially in the Greek islands, handmade liqueurs and traditional treats are made for the guests. For our welcome table, we chose cherry and mastic liqueurs, which are traditional Greek flavors. Also, we opted for refreshments and “spoon sweet”. “Spoon sweet” is a type of treat the locals serve in Greece as a gesture of hospitality. It resembles marmalade or candied fruits. It always makes us think of our childhood and our grandmothers, who treated us with it when we visited them. Moreover, it is the sentimental value of this treat that makes it perfect for weddings. Furthermore, we chose it because it sparks a sweet collective memory. After all, wedding memories are the most important.


We created a luscious dessert table, as well. For our team, lots of treats are the key to a great dessert table. We chose many different desserts and candies. The mini berry charlottes, the religieuse, and the cake pops were so mouthwatering! The macaroons and the fresh fruit gave a sophisticated feeling to our design. Furthermore, we opted for a delicious naked cake with figs and caramel! We served all our treats in silver trays and platters. This gave the ultimate sophistication to our setting and a touch of luxury.


For our table setting, we wanted a sophisticated vibe. We decorated the dinner table with luxury silver plated dinnerware and crystal glasses. Additionally, we loved our amazing centerpieces! They were elegant and sophisticated with many different styles of flowers. For our wedding favors, we chose boxes filled with koufeta. Koufeta are traditional Greek wedding treats made from almonds. They symbolize good fortune and fertility. Our table setting was complete with name tags and menus with elegant calligraphy.
Summer weddings give endless room to play with different concepts. However, for a Mykonos wedding is important to highlight the contradiction between the luxurious character of the island and the carefree atmosphere of the Greek islands. That is the true element of an island-chic wedding. Carefree and summery surroundings but elegant and sophisticated details. Essentially, that is the real essence of a Mykonos wedding.


Even though our photoshoot focus was on an island-chic wedding at Mykonos, the beauty and rich history of the island, make it suitable for several different wedding types.
Recent years have led to a rise in popularity for a bohemian wedding type in Mykonos. The alluring nature of a mythical, fairytale-like woodland gives off a very soft and romantic feeling. This inspiration from nature and Mother Earth finds a home right in Mykonos. The beautiful sea in combination with the abundant sun gives off a very romantic feeling, and several cactuses and other trees aid in the Bohemian type.


Luxury venues are also a wonderful possibility in Mykonos. This is because the island is known for its cosmopolitan nature that demands riches. In fact, this trend began when high-society artists began frequenting the island to view its newly discovered architecture. As such, there are several wonderful wedding venues that are suitable for a luxury wedding here.

All in all, the island has an abundance of choices when it comes to wedding celebrations. From our amazing chic island photoshoots, to bohemian settings and luxury weddings at luxury venues, the choices are endless!