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Destination wedding in Athenian Riviera

We love a couple that loves to have a good time, and from the first moment, we knew that Danny and Yanna’s wedding would be explosive! Our lovely couple flew all the way from Sydney, Australia, to have the most magical destination wedding in Athenian Riviera!


We wanted a grand event, something that everyone would remember in the years to come, an explosive and breathtaking affair to mark the start of their lives together! Furthermore, we chose to create a lavish luxury- chic concept. The colors for this destination wedding in Athenian Riviera were elegant white with copper details.


Yanna has the loveliest smile and is such a glamorous girl; her wedding day couldn’t be anything else! Her mermaid dress was the stuff of dreams with lace and marabou feathers. Moreover, the amazing backline and the neckline highlighted her sexy figure! Naturally, crystal beaded Louboutins were the only appropriate shoe for the day. Of course, it’s all about the details when it comes to the groom! Danny had some of James Bond-like flair and style, with his navy blue suit, bowtie, and luxurious accessories. Needless to say, at this destination wedding in Athenian Riviera these two looked like they stepped out of a magazine and made the perfect couple!


A luxury chic destination wedding in Athenian Riviera is defined by the flowers. Furthermore, we wanted rich and lavish white flowers for the affair. Tulips and orchids were a match! Our florist created Yanna’s wedding bouquet with dozens of crisp white tulips to symbolize the couple’s eternal love. For the flower arrangements and the table decorations, we chose to cascade orchids and delicate asparagus fern. All in all, that was truly a luxurious and exotic flower combination fit for a destination wedding in Athenian Riviera!

As always, we created a lavish candy bar for the guests of our wedding in athenian riviera . There was a great variety of sweet treats for our guests to enjoy. We chose fresh and chewy French macarons with splashes of copper metallic sugar, filled with lemon buttercream and marbled crispy meringues. Also, we opted for triple chocolate cupcakes, custom made sugar paste cookie and white chocolate dipped cream puffs! Additionally, no wedding candy bar is complete without hundreds of sugar-coated almond koufeta for good fortune and fertility! Plus, the wedding cake was simple and elegant and oh-so-delicious! Divine, right?


The wedding party was the affair of the year! Everyone was laughing and dancing in the Greek tunes! Two families were one and love was present everywhere. Moreover, Danny and Yanna chose a love saxophone performance during the party to warm up the atmosphere with its sensual tone! Furthermore, the fire performance with Maori fire dancers made everyone breathless! Also, a sky fireworks show lit up the late summer’s night for the newlyweds, giving everyone a show to remember! Champagne and, quite frankly, the best ever margaritas were flowing for everyone to enjoy. This Hollywood-like party made this the perfect summer destination wedding in athenian riviera!

We wish Danny and Yanna all the best for their life together!