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Hydra Wedding

Every island in Greece has its own character, it’s a small universe. Islands here are so different from each other, yet so similar. We love destination weddings because every couple fits perfectly on a different island and we help them figure it out. A couple of summers back, we designed an elegant Hydra wedding for Zoe and Dimitris.


Hydra is a picturesque Greek island characterized by pure elegance and class. So, this island was the ideal scenery for a summer elegant wedding. We were inspired by the earthy colors of the island when we were contemplating the concept of this wedding. So, we designed a neutral and fresh, yet elegant wedding decoration. Our color palette revolved around white, teal, and mint, with beige details.

When designing the flower decoration, we wanted to focus on simplicity and elegance. Our team chose a diverse variety of flowers. Delicate summer daisies and chamomile, lavender, and wildflowers gave a carefree and summery vibe to our arrangements. Moreover, we made flower garlands with white flowers that lavender! Furthermore, our favorite part was the numerous candles that lit up this dreamy setting of this Hydra wedding! It was magical!


The picturesque church in the center of the old town of the island was our couple’s choice for this Hydra wedding. We decorated it with garlands of flowers and a lot of tea lights. Since our lemonades stands are our pride and joy, we set up one for our guests! Everyone felt refreshed after a ship of our lemonade. Furthermore, we gave everyone a hand fan and lots of treats to nibble on! Moreover, at the reception, our team created an amazing dessert table with lots of treats. The astonishing view of the sea, the stunning sunset, the tasteful cocktails, and the delicious sweets, composed the perfect scenery!
We chose an elegant art de la table decoration and set up, in complete harmony with the island’s color palette. In addition, we created the most unique table decoration; a white pebble with a silverfish pendant. So unique! Our guests loved it.

We loved every moment of this destination Hydra wedding! Especially the bride walking to the church while folk musicians accompanied her. Furthermore, the smiling groom squad, all the guests! The love was present everywhere! Zoe and Dimitris, we really enjoyed organizing your wedding in Hydra and we wish you of a life as beautiful and happy as your wedding day!