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Alyssa & Christopher

Hydra island - another era on a 21st century Greek island

While there are numerous islands in Greece and each one has its own distinctive scenery and beauty, Hydra is one that definitely sets itself apart from all the rest. An island whose character is unmatched in the country, Hydra is an undoubtedly unique destination. The banning of cars and the exclusive use of donkeys as their replacement offer a truly traditional, rural lifestyle, like somewhat our of a fairytale, or simply another era. Moreover, traditional stone mansions, narrow cobblestoned streets, and its shape resembling an amphitheater on a slope overlooking the Argo Saronic gulf, frame the total picture that one shall meet upon visiting this island.

Choosing the locations for a uniquely special day

When faced with all the aforementioned characteristics, the selection of the location of this destination wedding was an easy decision. The options available on the island for specific venues could only elevate the existing vision for a truly special day. Castello, a castle built in stone, overlooking the sea and the sky meeting to create the best sunsets that the island has to offer, resulted in being the perfect choice for Alyssa and Nic.

Following in the same motif, the couple chose their accommodation and the church meant to host the ceremony to bound them in holy matrimony with a similar vision in mind. The photographs from the couple's preparations can only be witnesses to the island's breathtaking views that their chosen villas gazed upon. When ready, the groom and later the bride moved towards the church's clock, a particularly distinguishing characteristic of the island's skyline, to arrive at Hydra's most central spot, the port, and vow to love one another for the rest of their lives before God.

Composition, colors, and atmosphere

This wedding’s planning and composition were shaped around three things: colors, elegance, and luxury. It was the bride’s choice from the very beginning to incorporate as much color as possible into her special day, a signal of the vibrant and colorful life that was only to begin on that island. And the flowers followed, with luscious floral decorations, blush, Fuschia, and a bit of greenery leaving the guests in awe when entering the space. Only a few moments after, the guests were directed to their tables, only to find the art de la table magnificently fitting into the theme. White shell charger plates, gold plated cutlery, blush pink napkins, and iridescent glasses with gold details, along with white porcelain shells, serving as favors in return to those beloved having flown all this way to witness this special day, were the main protagonists on the dinner tables’ surface.

To balance it all, furniture in earthy colors was rented, adding to the existing and desired elegance of the space. The overall atmosphere of the venue was completed with two of the most important aspects of the decorations composition: A dessert table with an amazing sea view backdrop and with an arch to match the magnificence of its design and a romantic lighting synthesis, composed of countless candles and string lights.

A Special Day to remember

All those aforementioned aspects that render Hydra one of the most unique and distinct islands in the country do not come without certain challenges that have to be surpassed in order to plan not just a successful, but a spectacular wedding, as one can imagine. However, this was not the first wedding that the White Stories team was tasked with on the island. One more memorable than the other, nonetheless, Alyssa and Nic’s wedding will always carry a special place in our hearts, and the memories from both all the time we worked together and the event itself will stay with our team forever.