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Destination Wedding in Ios

For us, a destination wedding in Ios is an exciting Greek island wedding!

At the start of their wedding planning journey, did this charming couple ever expect to become one under the warm Greek sun?

Did they originally plan to marry on the island of Ios so they can enjoy all the glory the sea has to offer them?

If yes, what brought them this inspiration?

Was it a heavenly dream which they were so eager to replicate?

Or perhaps gorgeous photography that professional photographers expertly capture, which delights their senses?

All in all, the summer of 2019 will always have a special place in the heart of Ios for Sage & Keith, the beautiful couple who got married there!


Ios is a great Greek island to get married on which is relatively unpopular as a wedding destination. However, a sharp increase in weddings in the last few years means that couples realize the value the island offers.

In the wedding of Sage & Keith, copper and blue wedding details beautifully complement this Greek island. We made sure to supplement the limited greenery in the island with numerous floral decorations for this island wedding: mainly greenery and white flowers. The decorations for this destination wedding in Ios beautifully decorated the ceremony, which had a stunning sea view. The couple themselves managed to exchange vows under an awe-inspiring huge arch in a symbolic ceremony.

All in all, it was our honor to be part of such a magnificent ceremony!


All in all, the couple and their guests traveled from the United States of America for such a special day! We wanted to create something nice to welcome them to Greece (and help them deal with the hot summer sun!). Our refreshment bar did exactly that.

It was a nice way to welcome the couple and their guests, and provide them with lemonade and cucumber water to quench their thirst. Even though the temperature was high for this destination wedding in Ios, we made sure all the guests were hydrated!


We made sure to have an amazing art de la table with multi design plates. We made sure to include various decorations such as garlands with greenery at the tables for the overall wedding concept. Additionally, candles played a central part in this wedding. They were plentiful, and everywhere! The illuminated area was further brightened by the carefully selected copper items and candlesticks. Our aim was to elegantly play with the lighting, to provide just the right amount of light as the day darkened. We believe the result of this destination wedding in Ios was stunning!


No true wedding celebration is complete without sweets for such sweet moments! We had an impressive dessert table to delight all types of sugar lovers. The couple’s wedding cake included a copper detail, similar to the copper items that decorated the area.

Additionally, we made sure to create a memorable wedding favors for the guests in attendance. We made sure to have an amazing art de la table with multi design plates and elegant drinking glasses. We made sure to customize menu cards with a small olive branch that perfectly match with the guests’ favor. This was a small bottle with Greek olive oil. All in all, we wanted their memories of Greece to be everpresent. As such, we made custom olive oil bottles and evil eye charms for their wedding gifts.


All in all, Sage & Keith are a very beautiful, dynamic couple. White Stories was very proud to be part of their wedding! Their wedding honored the island of Ios, as well as the vendors who worked for their wedding, by being part of such a joyous and wonderful occasion. It was a truly beautiful destination wedding in Ios and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors together!