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Destination weddings: Wedding in Paros

Planning a wedding in Paros oftentimes sets expectations far above the bar for destination weddings. This is simply because the alluring beauty of the island demands a ceremony of equal standard. This is a common characteristic of destination weddings in Greek islands. It is a statement that only those that witness the captivating charm of Greece will be able to truly comprehend. The appreciation increases tenfold for wedding planners that meticulously plan every detail of the wedding. Planners will spend tens of hours to fine-tune every aspect that affects directly the wedding ceremony.


Every wedding is “uncommon” for us because each has its own unique note and its own unique personality. However, truth be told there are those weddings that are uncommon amongst uncommon weddings. When we plan destination weddings such as this wedding in Paros, we wake up overwhelmed with expectations. Expectations and impatience. These feelings are caused by the passion we feel for our job, and our inner drive to deliver excellence. The high expectations from our cooperating couples makes us want to tackle every wedding detail at once. It is as if the Greek island itself demands our utmost respect and in turn, we honor it with the great effort we put in our planning efforts. As expectations rise, so does our inner hunger. Our hunger to honor the bride and groom, the guests in attendance, the inhabitants of Paros and the island itself.


When the Bell’s Toll, when we blow out the last candle and the wedding is officially over, we are left with just our memories. Our memories and elegant photos of the beautiful ceremony that took place: that beautiful wedding in Paros. The expectations and nostalgia we previously felt give room to overwhelming feelings of joy and nostalgia; feelings that we trigger each time we decide to look at the memorable photos. This wedding in Paros gave the chance for this couple to get married in Greece, a beautiful location for a beautiful and heartwarming couple. This couple received our most heartfelt wishes and made us want to yell once more that “We love our jobs”!!!


The destination was Paros, one of the most famous islands of Cyclades, where the sea meets the sky and the picturesque landscapes imprint everywhere. We were excited about this wedding in Paros from the beginning of our planning journey with Marie & Nedim! Together with the couple, we chose the amazing venue of Archipelagos Resort to host this beautiful event. All in all, the ceremony took place at the lowest level of the hotel where the stunning view makes you want to stay there forever

The couple exchanged vows during the sunset and the colors of the sea and sky took everyone’s breath away. The breathtaking scene is one of the main reasons we chose Paros amongst countless choices for destination weddings. As with every wedding, we want to be careful with our decorative choices to avoid distracting the audience from the protagonists of the day. As such, we chose a minimal and creative ceremony arch in gold metal decorated with white flowers. This allowed us to discreetly attract the audience’s attention and as a result, we did not hide the amazing view of this beautiful island. After all what is a wedding in Paros without the beautiful seaside view?


The guests couldn’t hide their enthusiasm when welcoming them with our homemade lemonade and traditional Greek treats. Furthermore, we put them together in an impressive lemonade bar and they kept coming for seconds! We continued to serve them with our deliciously refreshing lemonade, to satisfy their thirst. Anyone that’s endured through Greece’s hot summer will tell you that this beverage was all they needed! A cold drink, in front of a magnificent view was a perfect addition for this wedding in Paros.


We couldn’t go for anything else other than white flowers and gold details for a both luxurious, and elegant wedding. The couple and their guests travelled all the way from Australia to attend this beautiful choice amongst destination weddings. Due to the Greek heritage of the bride, we decided to add some Greek elements to the wedding decorations. Hence, these included amphoras for the flowers and traditional gifts for the guests. We tried to honor the wife’s Greek roots, while offering modern, luxury choices for their wedding in Paros.


Plenty of white flower arrangements with a super elegant bridal bouquet with white peonies,with hanging flowers at the reception and countless candles, fairy lights having gold detailed elements, and art de la table items. Let’s not forget most impressive dessert table that stole everyone’s heart! As for White Stories team…we really enjoyed the island vibe and this luxury result! The happy faces we saw all over the place while working with an amazing team of vendors was more than we could ask for ! We wish the best to Marie and Nedim for a life full of love and happiness as bright as their wedding day was. In the end of the day our greatest satisfaction is being able to be part of such a wonderful ceremony. Being able to see the feelings of happiness in the face of all those that attended the weddings fills us with joy!

Salute to love! Cheers to happiness! Cheers to our job for giving us the opportunity to meet so many nice people. People from all over the world that gathered in one Greek island to become part of the couples special day!