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Maryon & Gaylor

Destination wedding in Mykonos island, Greece

Greece is beyond peradventure one of the most luxurious wedding locations in Greece and one of the most luxurious wedding locations in the world. Additionally, it is a beautiful wedding location that fills a Greek wedding planner with the inspiration to create the ideal wedding experience for couples that choose to wed in Greece. This combination of beauty, luxury, and inspiration allowed us to witness a unique wedding amongst unique weddings, a unique wedding ceremony amongst unique wedding ceremonies, and of course a unique wedding couple amongst unique wedding couples in the persons of Marion and Gaylor.

Planning a destination wedding in Mykonos

Few wedding locations in the world can rival the island of Mykonos, perhaps only the island of Santorini. Inarguably there are plentiful wedding locations in Greece of natural and immense beauty, but arguably Mykonos ranks first in terms of luxury with Santorini being the penultimate location. Such a ranking comes with high expectations regarding a wedding in Mykonos, bringing out the respective wedding planning efforts to create an ideal Greek island wedding for our groom and bride. Whether in a luxurious seaside Mykonos venue, in a picturesque Greek Orthodox Church, or, in the case of Marion and Gaylor, an astonishing private villa in Mykonos, a wedding in Mykonos is second to none in the multitude of locations it offers.

Simplicity & symbology in color choice

The bulk of the composition for this wedding in Mykonos came down to simplicity, elegance, and bohemian style. The very essence of this composition encaptures the simple yet symbolic choice of the colors the couple chooses to wear for their union: blue and white. In an almost poetic way, one would often find denoted in romantic adventures, the heritage of the couple finds a unique way to represent itself in Mykonos. The heritage stemming from France is represented in the very colors found in the French flag for their wedding clothes; their travel and union for a picturesque, sunset destination wedding in Greece are represented by the same colors found in the Greek flag. This simple duality represented in the attire of the couple is a covert detail implicitly witnessed by all those in attendance and recalled as if a memoir by all those present in such a beautiful union.

The decorations that complement the color choice

To avoid overwhelming the atmosphere with a repertoire of color palettes for this wedding in Mykonos, and hold true to the simplicity of the color worn by the couple, a neutral color selection dominates the wedding scenery. Similar to the three aspects that best describe the wedding composition: simplicity, elegance, and its bohemian style, the couple chose three neutral colors to complement said composition: white, beige and blush pink. From the dining table decorations and cutlery to the carpet floors and chairs to the wedding favors and to the walls and traditional building structure, every detail meticulously conveys the three neutral color composition.

The candy bar for the wedding of Marion and Gaylor deserves a special mention. Guests could view it with beautiful flower decorations (garden roses, pampas grass, and preserved flowers) within charming blush pink vases beneath scenic chandeliers. Sunlight that befell the table brought out the wonderfully tasty sweets carefully placed on the white cutlery and table. As the sun set, the beautiful candles and ornaments created an alternative view to experience this delicious wedding stop. The combination of mirrors, candles, and beautiful white and pink beige decorations made the candy bar a repeat stop by guests throughout the entire wedding day and night. Planning the way it would look and actually seeing it live on this beautiful day made this wedding in Mykonos an even greater delight to be part of.

The wedding experience

From the very first discussions of the concept of a wedding ceremony in Mykonos, the combination of neutral colors, a bohemian style, and a symbolic ceremony in a private villa appeared to align with the personality and preference of our couple.
The concept? Simple, elegant, and effective: A symbolic ceremony in a private villa, cocktails during sunset, an amazing dinner (an amazing dessert table) as well as a fruitful after party. This way guests could experience not only the beauty of this wonderful Greek island by drinking cocktails during sunset, but they could also enjoy the privacy to witness the union of their beloved friends and family and celebrate with them.

Vendors services for an ultimate wedding experience

A private chef available to cook in the private villa further complements the privacy and elegance aspect of this wedding in Mykonos. Guests could enjoy the tasteful dishes lovingly prepared by the private chef, and visit the astounding desert table for amazing, tasty sweets.

This was a wedding experience marked by emotionally intense moments (witnessing the union of the bride and groom), relaxing occasions (a comfortable bohemian lounge room), and surprises (a live violin musician that played during the party in combination with a dance floor with a sky of fairy lights).

Memories that last forever

When everything was said and done, when the guests and couple had spent an amazing time together to create wonderful memories that would last a lifetime, they were treated to fascinating wedding favors. Guest would receive traditional olive oil soaps and sesame snacks as wedding favors: a strong reminder of their time in Greece. However, one thing is for certain: the most valuable gift the guest and couple would receive would be the wonderful experience they had in Greece for their wedding in Mykonos.

One chapter ends another begins

The conclusion of such a beautiful wedding generates mixed feelings: on the one hand excitement to be able to be part of an amazing union of an amazing couple. On the other hand, a touch of sadness that such an event had to conclude. Even though nothing lasts forever we believe that there are exceptions to this rule, and the beautiful wedding of our couple is a strong testament to this.
The feelings of honor and warm memories are prevalent in the minds of the White Stories team, and we wish Marion and Gaylor the very best. All in all, an amazing couple that was a pleasure to work with for an amazing ceremony for their wedding in Mykonos.